Volumetric geological, geophysical and hydrodynamic modeling

Building of a 3D geological model, filled with full range of properties

Company staff is able to solve a wide range of tasks on geological and geophysical modeling using complex approach.
Building of a 3D geological model, filled with full range of properties, is a key stage in a whole cycle of geophysical research.
Modeling workflow involves integration of all interpretation results, namely tectonic structure, well logs and predicted physical parameters – into single interactive system which can be used as a basis for the following objectives to solve:

1. Deterministic and stochastic property propagation in volume.
2. Geostatistical analysis:
• Geometry definition: effective formation thickness, reservoir volume etc.
• Computer-aided reserves calculation.
3. Design of a working model of hydrodynamic processes in reservoir.
4. Perspectives estimation and development of a strategy for further exploitation.


Hydrodynamic modeling of reservoir exploitation process is an essential part of a continuous cycle of oil and gas development activities management.

Hydrodynamic modeling workflow is based on geological model with filtration characteristics data (relative phase permeability, capillary pressure, PVT data, etc.) and well database (perforation ranges, well radius, pore pressure, flowrates, productivity factors etc.) involved.

Based on 3D hydrodynamic model the following goals can be achieved:
• Reservoir development technological parameters forecast
• Monitoring of development process
• Assessment of performance of oil recovery technology
• Technology selection for efficiency increasing
• Production potential estimation
• Improvement of effectiveness of underground gas storages exploitation.

Hydrodynamic modeling workflow consists of following steps:
1. Data acquisition and estimation
2. Analysis of geological features
3. Analysis of development technical parameters
4. Definition of study purposes and model type selection
5. Rescaling of a geological model
6. Initialization – pre-estimation of initial fluid distribution
7. Adaptation – reservoir characteristics adjustment and development simulation
8. Production rates forecast combined with strategy development and technological parameters calculation
9. Resulting output.


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