Structural interpretation of seismic data

Building of a subsurface structural and tectonic model

Using a set of seismic data, all geological and geophysical information, interpreter perform a three dimensional visualization of seismic horizons, layers and complex geological structures. In future it serves as a basis for dynamic interpretation, reservoir properties prediction, reserves assessment and preparation to development.
Up-to-date software, advanced interpretation techniques, and high proficiency level allow our experts to accomplish all objectives in minimal time frame and on high quality level.

Main steps of structural interpretation workflow:

1. Data acquisition and analysis. Summarizing of all available geoscience data and results of previously performed studies for an area.

2. Creation of an interpretation project, and filling it with all existent geological information:
- Results of 2D/3D seismic studies;
- Results of all geophysical studies (gravitational, magnetic prospecting etc.);
- Well information (surface markers, formation tests etc.);
- Log data;
- Rest of existent geological information

3. Seismic tie of different surveys.

4. Well tie in order to adjust relation between data in time (seismic surveys) and depth domains (well data).

5. Horizon picking using manual and semi-autotracking tools, based on analysis of a sum of neighbor traces specific features: waveform similarity, smoothness of amplitude changes, reflections lineups conformity.

6. Fault tracing. The faults are determined by local changes of a wavefield, such as rapid amplitude changes, time shift of a group of reflections, lineups distortion.

7. Velocity modeling for further domain conversion.

8. Structural mapping of target horizons. Conversion of horizon grids picked along seismic lines to solid structural surfaces with the use of statistical methods.

9. Time to depth domain conversion.

Results are provided in a form of 3D models, structural maps of target horizons and depth sections.


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